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Can Everyone Earn from Facebook in 3 Steps?

Can Everyone Earn from Facebook in 3 Steps?

(1) Create A Facebook Page (2) Think of An Idea 3) Promote It

A girl from Karachi was so passionate about making HandMade Gifts for different occasions such as Birthdays, farewell parties, Valentine Day, Wedding, Eid etc. In the beginning, she did it all free of cost for friends and relatives but eventually she learnt how to earn from facebook page.

She created a page on facebook and gave it a name Magical Hands. In the beginning, it seemed almost impossible to be successful because there were so many others in competition. Eventually, she was able to receive her first order Personlized Explosion Boxes. Later she started receiving orders for other items such as wedding invitation cards, Special Nikkah Pen, Chocolate Bouquet etc.

Is It Really Possible to Turn a Facebook Page into a Thriving Online Business?

Not just in Pakistan but all across the world, Facebook has proven itself to be the biggest social networking platform. When it was first launched, people took it as a source of chatting with strangers through fake accounts. We did not know ONE DAY we would be able to earn from facebook.

Unbelievably, within a short period of few years, it emerged as the most effective communication, interaction, entertainment and business platform on the whole. Now from small home based businesses to large companies, everyone has accepted its marketing capabilities.

So if you spend a lot of time on social networks, don’t just waste it but make it a source of earning from facebook.

Am I Eligible to Earn from Facebook?

Well, that’s pretty an interesting question because everyone who has an account with Facebook is eligible for earning money from it. If you are familiar with basic features such as like, comment, share, story, post, page, group etc, you can learn how to earn from Facebook in few simple steps. You can be anybody like:

  • Male / Female
  • Married / unmarried
  • Student / Teacher
  • Shopkeeper / Small Business Owner
  • Employed / Unemployed
  • Housewife / Working Woman

If you use Facebook, you just need to turn your passion into real world profession.

How to Earn Money from Facebook in 3 Steps?

If you are interested to know how you can earn on facebook like thousands others, you simply need to understand 3 basic steps.

1: Create a Facebook Account & Page

    Account: If you already have a facebook account, that’s great as you are all set to go or if you don’t, you can create a new one. Before you start using it for marketing activities, you better take necessary measures to protect it from unauthorized access such as setting up a strong password or two-factor authentication etc.
    Page: With your account, you can create a page by choosing Business/Brand Option. You will be required to provide mandatory information such as Page Name and Category Type. Therefore, it is quite important to keep all such info in hand.

2: Think of an Idea to Sell

    Before you even think of creating a page, you must decide what idea you are going to promote through your page. For example, in clothes, you can think of selling:
  • Kurtis
  • T-Shirt
  • Jeans
  • Jackets
  • Other Items

In foods, you can try to sell pizza, burger, birthday cake or even setup an entire online restaurant. Besides, you can also try HandMade Gift Items.

3: Promote Your Idea

    Once you have decided an idea, it is time to promote it on social media through your official facebook page. Customize your newly created facebook page to let people know what you are trying to sell to them.

How to Promote Your Facebook Page?

Once you have completed three-step process, it is time to make your efforts in promotion process. Here are some good ideas to promote your page:

  • Initial Customization: Customize your page’s profile and cover pictures. Your profile picture is the first impression that viewers get and therefore, you must make it as attractive as it could get you right audience in maximum number
  • Invite People You Know: Invite your friends and their friends to like your page. When they like the page, the ohters on their networks will also get notified in one way or the other way.
  • Use Personal Contacts It you have been using Facebook for years, you must have made some good friends. Request your family, friends, Facebook friends and others to invite their friends to like your page
  • Facebook Advertisement: If you can spend money on advertisement, you can also use facebook Boost and Ad options.In fact, paid advertisement is the quickest option to get maximum number of likes and followers.
  • Share Useful Content Create useful and relevant posts and share on your page. People are attracted quickly towards the posts which interest them. Once potential customers are attracted, you can convert them into customers to earn from Facebook.
  • Use Other Networks You should also use other popular networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp and Instagram to promote your brand page. In this way, you will be able to make followers on other networks too.

Final Words

If you have something to sell online, you must give it a try at least once because without giving a tough time to your luck, you can never know how much potential you have got.

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