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What Exactly Is Quality Content Writing?

quality content writing increases conversion rate

If you spend a lot of time on internet especially in marketing, you must have heard Content is an Unbeatable King. With the passage of time, the term got even more defined by saying Quality Content is Actually the Real King. What is quality content writing? A lot of people wonder and if you are one of them, this post will answer your question. You don’t have to be a rocket-scientist to understand QUALITY but you must know some defining factors to understand quality in content writing. Some of these defining factors are discussed below:

Defining Factor # 1: Easy-to-Read Content

Thousands of blogs are live but you don’t read all of them. Some might not reach you and some might be difficult to read. If you are someone with keen interest in good reading and have very limited time, you will usually prefer to skip difficult to read articles and posts. On contrary, you would surely like to read those articles which give you more in less time. Quality content writing meaning lies in easy-to-read stuff:

  • Flow in Thoughts:
    A good content writer always tries to create quality content by maintaining a flow of thoughts throughout article/post. He would not confuse his readers with a bunch of concepts at once.
  • Short Sentences:
    He tries to write short sentences rather than getting them unnecessarily long. Sometimes, readers get lost into the maze of long sentences and consequently leave the page.
  • Correct Use of Grammar:
    The best content creators make sure that the grammar they are using is 100% accurate. They don’t like to break grammatical rules and this is what ultimately make them best.

Defining Factor # 2: 100% Accurate Information

The second most important factor that defines quality content at its best is accurate information to the best knowledge of author. If a writer cares about his credibility, he would make sure to double check the information he is providing to his readers. He will take following actions

  • Proper Research:
    A responsible writer will do enough research to ensure that the information he is giving in his content is correct and there is no doubt about its accuracy.
  • Relevant Information:
    He will not mix up correct and incorrect information. Rather, he will try to leave out the wrong findings even if he has spent enough time in it.
  • References:
    Quality content writing is all about making right claims, giving accurate information and providing references to support every claim, opinion and argument.

Defining Factor # 3: Unique Standpoints

What is so different about your content? What’s the difference between you and the other website content writer in your industry? If all of them are sharing the same information, opinions and arguments, what makes you stand out of the crowd? A unique perspective of your content will stand you out of the large crowd of writers. So to ensure quality in your content you need to take these steps:

  • Read Your Competitors:
    If you have decided to write about a particular topic, use Google Search to find similar content regarding the topic. Once you have enough ideas, opinions and arguments, you will be able to generate something unique.
  • Personal Experience:
    Instead of copying someone else ideas, you better see what your own personal experience says about how to write quality content. You might be able to write something absolutely unique to make your content unique.
  • Unique Writing Tone:
    Your writing tone greatly matters in building your unique prospective as a content writer. You don’t have to follow the same tone everyone else is following in your industry. Instead you can try to develop your own writing tone for your readers.

Defining Factor # 4: Maintain Readers’ Interest

Readers’ interest is the most important factor that defines quality content in its full length and depth. As one of the quality content writing examples, you can take this post; if you start reading this post few minutes ago and have reached to defining factor # 4, your interest as a reader is maintained and you are engaged in reading. How to keep your readers engaged:

  • Help Readers Find Answers:
    when a reader searches for quality content, he is willing to read something like what is quality content? How to generate quality content? What factors defines quality content and many other similar questions. If he does not get the answer in the first phase, he is not going to get engaged with your content.
  • Don’t Put Fake Clickbait:
    If Title and Body of your article talk about two different things, readers will lose interest and your content will lose the right to get its place into the category of quality content. Article body should exactly define what the title says.
  • Social Sharing:
    Quality content writing greatly increases the chance of shareability throughout networks including social giants like facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram etc. When you write about something that is trending in your targeted region, people would love to share it on their social profiles.

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