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If You Have These 5 Things, You Can Start a Business Online in Next Few Hours!

When you hear the word BUSINESS, the next thing that comes in mind is HUGE INVESTMENT. Luckily, this is not the case when you wonder HOW TO START A BUSINESS ONLINE. In fact, you can start your own small business right from your home just in few hours if you have these FIVE THINGS or even if you don’t, you can get them easily within a day:

1: Laptop with Internet Connection

2: Facebook and Twitter Accounts

3: Domain and Hosting Plan

4: Simple But Eye-Cathy Website

5: Product / Service to Sell

1: Laptop with Internet Connection

Like a TV, a Laptop/Desktop has become an integral part of every house. Similarly, an internet connection has become as important as Drinking Water in your fridge. So hopefully, you will not say that you don’t have these things with you.

2: Facebook and Twitter Accounts

No matter how busy or unsocial you are, you must have an account with Facebook and Twitter. Having accounts on other networks like LinkedIn, Google Plus and Instagram would give you an additional advantage when you are ready for starting a business online. Make sure to increase number of your fans, followers and friends rapidly on social networks.

3: Domain and Hosting Plan

Domain Name is actually the name of your business or website and Hosting is an online place where you store and access your website’s data. You can buy a domain name in 0.88 Dollar and Shared Hosting in 30.88 Dollars from NameCheap for an entire year.

4: Simple But Eye-Catchy Website

One of the most important steps to starting a business is to create a website to showcase your product and service. Though, there are various options like Wix or Shopify, experts highly recommend WordPress for beginners. Purchasing a Managed WordPress Hosting from NameCheap would get you a ready-to-use website for your business.

5: Product or Service to Sell

You must have something to sell online. It might be a product like food items, clothes, female fashion accessories or some sort of services like writing, designing, translation etc. If you have not decided yet what to sell online, check out these easy business ideas NOW.

An Important Advice for Beginners

Before you take your first step, I would like you to bear THREE IMPORTANT FACTS in Mind:

  • Fact No # 1: There is a long way ahead and you must not expect favorable results too quickly.
  • Fact No # 2: If you take right steps to start a small business online, hopefully, you would embrace success in the next 3-12 months period.
  • Fact No # 3: For success, you need passion, patience and most importantly consistency in your efforts.


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