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Taiwan’s ‘Bikini Climber Dies After Falling off the Mountain

Taiwan’s ‘Bikini Climber Dies After Falling off the Mountain

Gigi Wu, who created lots of buzz on Taiwanese Social Networks, has died falling off the mountain while on a trip to conquer another mountain peak. Taiwan’s ‘Bikini Climber made repeated calls for rescue and told her friends that she could not move her lower body part due to severe injuries. Unfortunately, the weather was too unfavorable for the rescue team to find her location and when they finally found her, she was just a lifeless body.

Taiwan's 'Bikini Climber

Her Unique Identity As Bikini Climber

Gigi Wu developed her unique identity as Bikini Climber after she posted her photos in Bikini standing at mountains peaks. Like many other social media adventurers, this rock climber girl lost her life striving to make a difference on social media. Just in a short period of 4 years she conquered 100+ mountains where she appeared in 97 different bikini designs. At the age of 36, she got moved to another adventure for never coming back.

Taiwan's 'Bikini Climber

Though, she got famed as a hot rock climber girl in Taiwan, she did not usually wear bikini while climbing. She used to get into her exclusive dress when she reached at the peak of a mountain. In fact, she used Bikini as a sign of her victory against hard and rough mountains. For female rock climbers, it is never so easy to travel alone but she did it.

Taiwan’s ‘Bikini Climber & Movie 127 Hours

Her life was like a rock climbing movie in which people are crazy about conquering rocks and mountains. Sometimes, they are successful and sometimes not but in many cases, the cost of their failure is either their life or unbearable injuries. One of the most popular climbing movies is 127 hours.

If you watch the movie “127 Hours” you could say Taiwan’s ‘bikini climber might experience the same situation as Aron Ralston did in the movie. He was on an adventure in Blue John Canyon Southeastern Utah.

Unfortunately, he slipped while climbing a rock and fell down into a deep hole. His arm was stuck between the boulders. He struggle 127 hours and finally got escape at the cost of his arm which he had to cut. Gigi Wu got stuck in almost the same situation but she was not so lucky to survive.

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