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How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

A Beginner’s Guide: Why and How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

A large number of individuals, even those who did not have much technical knowledge, have been able to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing. If you are new to internet marketing, you might wonder how it is possible. Well, with the emergence of internet marketing, the concept of local business seems just gone. On one hand, internet markets have brought more choices for consumers while on the other hand, created greater opportunities for businesses to grow sales.

Now businesses try to reach potential customers all across the world instead of limiting themselves to the local population. They use different strategies including Affiliate Marketing in which a business rewards an individual marketer with commission on an actual sale.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing definitions may vary but the basic idea is the same and that is “a strategy to grow sale of a certain product or service. In this kind of marketing, a business allows another person to promote its products or services and rewards him with 10% to 70% commission in response of successful deals through referrals. Let me make it simpler that how affiliate marketing works. The overall affiliate marketing canopy stands on four pillars:


    A business that wants to increase sales of its products or services


    A marketer who wants to earn commission on sales of others products


    An affiliate network that connects both a business and a marketer


    A customer who buys certain products referred by marketers

Where Do You Stand Under Affiliate Marketing Canopy?

In the above explanation, you play the most significant role as a marketer as you have to work with all the other pillars. You are the main focal person as you choose a business (its product) from affiliate network and send it to your readers, fans, followers or visitors. You are the one whose effective strategy convinces the audience to make a final deal of the product you refer.

Why Should You Give a Try to Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Before we define affiliate marketing meaning, we would like to give you the reasons to be part of it. Although, there are many good reasons, we will discuss just few of the most significant to you:

1. Start is Simple

    Starting an affiliate marketing business is absolutely simple. Most importantly, you can do it with or without a website. You can even use your facebook page or emailing list for marketing.

2. Right from Home

    You can start a business right from the comfort of your home. Luckily, if there is a desktop or a laptop with an internet connection, you are all set to go with affiliate marketing websites.

3. No Investment Required

    You will not be required to invest any money unless you spend in marketing of your own business. Most probably, you will have to spend few dollars when you setup a new website.

4. Don’t Need a Degree/ Certificate

    You don’t need to acquire a degree or a certificate to call yourself an affiliate marketer.

5. Free to Join Programs

    You can join most of the programs without paying any fees at all. There are various good options but choose only the most trusted ones.

6. Promote only the Best

    You are not compelled to promote something that you don’t like yourself. In this home based business, you make your own choices to promote for revenue.

7. Free from Time and Space

    Affiliate marketing networks don’t bind you to work 8-12 hours a day. Rather you can work anytime in 24 hours and setup your office anywhere.

8. Ideal Business for Everyone

    Certainly, Affiliate marketing can be a perfect business idea for students, teachers, writers, bloggers and anyone else who want to make money with an online affiliate marketing.

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How Can You Become an Affiliate Marketer?

If you have clarity of thoughts about this unique idea of business, you might be wondering how to become an affiliate marketer. As mentioned above you don’t have to get a certificate to start a business, however, you really need to have passion, patience and skills.

Step 1: Build Your Website:

    • If you already have a website, that’s great. In case of no website, you can create one absolutely free with


    • or


    . Though, the functionalities would be limited, you can still start with free versions if you are not ready to spend money.

Step 2: Join Affiliate Networks:

    • There are two ways of finding products for promotion on your website. (1) you can find individual products through online research (2) or you can join affiliate networks where you can easily find hundreds of products. Few of the popular networks are


    • ,

Commission Junction

    • and



Step 3: Choose Profitable Products:

    Once your affiliation application is approved, you are allowed to choose product to display on your site. Don’t make quick choices, instead you should take time and choose the products and services that could give you maximum profit.

Step 4: Optimize Pages with Affiliate Products:

    When you have products on your site, try to optimize each page to make it more attractive for the readers. In such cases, the best strategy is to benefit readers through unique, useful and relevant content

Step 5: Promote Your Website and Connected Accounts:

    Once you have enough content on your site or social networking pages, your next move should be promotion. Yes, it is time to promote your site to drive as much online traffic as you can. The more visitors you receive on your site, the better chances would be there for successful conversion.

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