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How to Create a YouTube Channel and Make Money?

How to create a YouTube channel and make money? That’s a pretty common question asked on social media. Most probably, you have seen and heard many people claiming to make millions through YouTube Channels. Though, it is hard to believe, some of them could be true in their claim at some extent because a lot of people have adopted social media as profession and working full time basis. If you are in a position to spend enough time, you can also dream of making some money through YouTube videos. Interested? Follow the guidelines from first to the last steps to create and run a channel successfully.

How to Create a Channel on YouTube?

When you gear up to learn how to start a YouTube channel and make money, the first thing you are going to learn is how to setup your own YouTube channel. It is already too easy to create a channel but before you start, make sure to create a “Gmail ID” to use for further actions. Created ID? Go to the next steps:

    Step # 1.Go to YouTube and find “Sign In” Icon on right side of the screen and click it.
    Step # 2.Choose your ID and insert password to log in to YouTube.
    Step # 3.Go to setting: Under your account, you will see “Create a Channel” in blue color, click it.
    Step # 4.A new window will appear on your screen showing a message “To create a new channel, create a brand account” (Note: your brand name could be anything such as business, brand or product name)
    Step # 5.Once you enter Brand Name, click on “create icon” and your account will be created within a second. (Note: While you click on “Create Icon” at the same time, you also accept and agree to all the terms and conditions of YouTube.

Your New Channel Will Look Somewhat Like This

How to Customize Your New Channel?

Your newly created channel is completely blank and can’t get many visitors unless fully customized. So when you are learning how to make money from YouTube videos, you must know that before uploading any videos, you must customize appearance of your channel to make it attractive for visitors. On right corner of the screen you can see CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL button and clicking it would open a new window like this:

Step 1: Add Channel Art and Icon

Your newly created channel’s top banner is called Channel Art and top left icon is called Channel Icon. Both are used to give a unique identity to your channel to make it look different than the others on YouTube. For icon, you might like to upload your company or brand logo or you can even upload your own picture if featuring yourself in videos. As far as Channel Art is concerned, you better upload a customized banner which lets visitors guess at the very first place what kind of videos you are going to upload here. Remember these important points:

    1. You can upload a new photo or choose one from gallery as channel art.
    2. The recommended size for banner is 2560 X 1440.
    3. The maximum file size is 6 MB.
    4. Your banner may appear differently on variety of devices.

Step 2: Add Website and Social Links to Banner

I always advise people not to learn how to earn money from YouTube but to learn how to make your channel an engaging and interactive place for your viewers so they can become returning visitors. The best way to keep them engaged is to connect with them through social networks. Fortunately, YouTube Channel Art allows users to add up to 5 custom links which will be shown in About Section. Follow these steps:

    1. Hover over the top right corner of your banner; the edit icon will appear.
    2. Click on Icon and then click on “Edit links”. This will take you to Editable About Section.
    3. In the “Link Section” in bottom area, you can add Link Title and Link URL.
    4. Most recommended links are: Official Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Step 3: Add Channel Description and Others

Channel description is another major part of your channel where visitors learn more about you. Though, you can improve this section with the passage of time as you progress in your journey towards how to create a YouTube channel and make money, you should still include a nicely written description to leave a good impression. Some other important pieces of information which you should fill out in about section are:

    1. Email Address for business queries
    2. Location of your business i.e. country
    3. Featured channels if you would like to add some

How to Choose a Profitable Niche for Your Channel?

I want to make money on YouTube but not sure which niche is the most profitable. Are you facing the same uncertainty? Well, if your basic aim is to earn money from YouTube videos, it greatly matters what niche you choose. There are various profitable niches which can get you sufficient revenue and I would like start with the simplest ones to help you make the right choice.

1: Vlogging Videos

    Vlogs are amazingly popular these days because all such videos are created by regular people who don’t talk much about politics, religion, tech, business etc. They just try to capture life real moments and share with their followers. There is an immense audience which loves to see everyday life activities of their favorite vloggers like Lana Rose who has 1.3 Million subscribers on her channel. If you want to know how to get money from YouTube in the simplest way, vlogging is the answer. Simply buy a camera, capture beautiful moments of everyday life and share with your followers. If your daily videos are engaging, you will soon be able to build a huge followership.

2: Story Videos

    Another popular niche these days is storytime. Just go to youtube and write storytime videos in search bar and you will find hundreds of story videos about high school students and teachers, drama girls, fights, hostage, ghost, hunted house, dating, babysitting, Uber Drivers, college horror, embarrassing moment, bullying, backbiting and a lot others. What makes these videos simplest is that you just need to sit in focus with a camera and tell an interesting and engaging story. Here you need three important things i.e. an HD camera, a good script and an impressive storytelling style.

3. Prank Videos

    Prank videos are also very popular and if by luck just one of your video gets viral, you will get enough viewers and subscribers to be eligible for making money from YouTube videos. However, if you decide to start with Prank, get an original idea to engage people or else all your efforts will just go in vain because there are already too many videos in this category. Making prank videos are so much fun but also full of danger as many people could take your pranks so seriously turning into serious consequences so don’t get into it unless have a trained team to handle the situation.

4. Gaming Videos

    If you play games, you must know how crazy gamers are about finishing missions while they are playing. If you are an expert in a particular game, you can make your live videos of your missions, play games on live streaming or share tips and tricks to complete a task. There are many popular gaming videos covering Battle Ground, Sniper 3D Gun Shooter, Spider-Man, Counter Strike, Bike Rides, and Stunt Cars etc. If you are ready to become a YouTube Gamer, make sure to buy necessary equipment like sound, camera, computer to come up with thrilling videos.

5. Technical Videos

    When you create tech videos, you must not expect everyone to view, like and share your videos because only those who are interested in tech would watch such videos. This will also limit your audience but definitely you would be able to get quality views and more watch time as tech videos could be from 5 to 60 minutes or even more depending upon the topic. So you can share your expertise about mobile phones, computers, software, hardware, cameras etc. For example, you can make a video on how to create a YouTube channel and make money as it covers a lot of technical knowledge.

6. Tutorial Videos

    Similar to tech videos, you can also make a tutorial video and this may cover a large variety of topics including installation and use of different software and programs. Depending upon your knowledge and research, you may choose to talk about Astrophotography or Adobe Premier for beginners, setting up WordPress Website, Google AdSense, Yoast SEO setup, dance tutorial, cake decoration, Game Tutorial, how to play guitar, how to sketch faces, how to tie, Photoshop effects, HTML Tutorial, wax recipe, SASS, JAVA, SPSS, Filmmaking etc.

7. Product Reviews

    Product reviews are a great way to making money on YouTube and the best thing about it is that you can earn from Google AdSense as well as Affiliate Marketing by promoting genuine products through your reviews and shared links. You know a vast majority of users never buy anything unless they learn opinion of the real users of the product they are thinking to buy. You can convince your viewers to buy something that can get you some commission on actual sales. However, it is highly recommended to suggest only those products which really work well so your viewers can advantage of it by believing in your opinion. If they get benefited, their trust in you would get even stronger.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel and Videos?

Once you have setup your channel and decided your niche, it is time to make videos. Billions of videos have been uploaded on YouTube and millions are uploading every year. Due to an unbelievable flow of videos, it has become extremely hard to stand out of the crowd which means if your video stays out of the reach of users, it can’t get the views it deservers and therefore, you must learnt how to make quality videos and promote your channel. Besides the competitors, roasters are also waiting to hunt you down through their roasting videos. So you must be well prepared before you upload a video. Here are some useful tips to help you start:

Tip # 1: Gather Your Team

If you would like to do everything on your own, that’s fine but it is always good to build a team so you can delegate tasks to different people as per your expertise. For example, you might not be a good writer, director, actor and filmmaker all together and you should never hesitate to make deserving people part of your team i.e. writer, video maker, video editor, and marketers.

Tip # 2: Invest in Right Stuff

This is where you need to invest some money in most important equipment and software such as:

  • High Quality Camera
    Many people make videos through their Smartphone cameras which can be and if you really have a quality camera in your phone that’s good, go ahead. But if you don’t have one, you better buy one.

  • High Quality Microphone
    Quality audio goes with quality video and combination of both gets you longer watch time. So never compromise over the quality of your microphone.

  • High Quality Lighting
    When you have good lights in the area where you are shooting video, your video quality will be improved to the highest degree. So make sure to have enough lights before you shoot the final video.

  • Quality Editing Software
    There are various good quality video editing software which you can use free of cost. Though, some features might be limited in free versions, it is never a bad idea to start with a free version.

Tip # 3: Create an Eye Catchy Title

If video title is not attention grabbing, viewers might not click on it. For example, if you want to know how you can earn from YouTube video, you go to YouTube and search for relevant videos. In search results, you see many videos with different titles such as:

  • Make a video
  • My popular storytime video
  • How to make a video for YouTube?
  • How to create a YouTube channel and make money?
  • 5 ways to create great videos on YouTube
  • List of equipment for making videos
  • Best video editing software to make video

Now which one would you choose? Most probably, you would choose the one which teaches you how you can earn money from YouTube. So when you create title, keep its length medium to include necessary keywords.

Tip # 4: Create an Eye Cathy Thumbnail

In fact, most of the viewers look at the thumbnail before they read title and if you want to catch them at the first sight, create an amazing thumbnail. Follow these principles:

  • Screen resolution should be 1280 X 720
  • Maximum image size should be 2 MB
  • Image aspect ratio should be 16:9
  • Supported formats: JPG, PNS, GIF and BMP

Tip # 5: Use Keywords for Search Engines

If you want your videos to appear in Google search results as well, you better learn some basic SEO. For example if you go to Google and type the keyword “how to monetize YouTube channel” you will see results not just from websites but also from YouTube which are shown only because of using right keywords in the right places.

Final Words

Once you have created YouTube Channel, customized it and uploaded videos, you need to fulfill the toughest requirement from YouTube to be eligible for monetization i.e. your channel must get one thousand subscribers along with four thousand hours watch time within a short period of one year. Can you really do it? Of course, if you are well-prepared.

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