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How Choose the Best Domain for Your Website in 2019?

How Choose the Best Domain for Your Website in 2019?

You must know how choose the best domain because the best domain name guarantees best results. If you are planning to start an online business, you must have a website to showcase your products or services. The website always has a name which is called “Domain Name” i.e.

In most of the cases, your company name itself may be your website domain name. If it is different, you should be wise in choosing a name because ultimately, it becomes your online identity.

A unique name will not just create your unique identity but will also help you promote your business more effectively. Therefore, before you choose a name for your website, you must how choose the best domain.  Here are some indispensable key factors to follow

    • 1: It should be relevant to your business.
      2: It should be short enough to memorize.
      3: It should have one or more keywords.
      4: It should be different and unique.
      5: It should focus your target market.
               6: It should include a suitable domain extension.

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1: Relevant

First and most important tip is that the domain name should be relevant to your business. For example, if you are planning to start a blog for online business, it should be something like onlinebusiness, onlinetrends, bizquide etc instead of weightloss or fashiontips. The more relevant your domain is, the better it would be for sales and that is the first rule of how choose the best domain.

2: Short

Secondly, it should be short rather than long because a shorter domain would be much easier to type in browser. Additionally, it would be easier to memorize which will allow users to type it in browser. You are not supposed to get long domain names as these may be hard for most users to remember. In sequence, most of them would forget it once they leave your website.

3: Keyword

Another very important point is that the domain name should contain at least one keyword. The keyword must be related to your business because it might be useful in improving overall ranking of your website. Secondly, a relevant keyword would let people know what you are trying to sell to them. For example, if you are trying to sell domains, name your site something like bestdomainnames.

4: Unique

Hundreds of companies are selling domain names and millions of domains have already been registered. Therefore, it would be extremely tough to keep yourself different from other similar names and businesses. When people ask me how choose the best domain, i simply ask them to choose a Unique Domain Name which can make their website stand out of the crowd of millions.

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5: Target Market

If you would be trying to sell something within your own city or province, you better include name of the city, town, and province or state in domain because this will make it even more prominent for the people living in your market area. If you want to offer dry cleaning services in Sidney, your domain name may be something like “sidneydrycleaning”.

6: Extension

A domain name always has an extension which is the last part of your web URL i.e. .com, .org, .net etc. There is a wide range of extensions which may represent type of a business or location of a business. For instance, .com usually works globally while there is a large variety of extensions and some of the most popular are as follow:

  • .co for a company
  • .biz for a business
  • .net for a technical website
  • . org. for nonprofit organization
  • .me is unusually used for personal use

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7. Brandable

The quest for how choose the best domain takes you to another important factor and that is Brandable Name. It means a name that could make you a unique brand in your market. For example, if you choose a very common name, there could be hundreds of similar ones and it would be almost impossible to become a brand. On contrary, names like google, yahoo, bing, alibaba, wix, wordpress, godaddy, amazon, misrosoft etc are brandable names.

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