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Top Rated Female Fashion Accessories Under Rs. 500 at DARAZ

Top Rated Female Fashion Accessories Under Rs. 500 at DARAZ

You must have heard “Beauty Needs No Ornaments” and it is absolutely true BUT definitely you need fashion accessories to enhance your beauty. Pakistani girls care so much about their beauty and this is what brings them among the most beautiful women on the earth. The combination of mostly eastern and touch of western fashion allow Pakistani girls to leave a long lasting impression.

Everyone wishes to follow latest fashion for girls to look prettier but not everyone can afford to buy expensive i.e. jewelry, coats, shrugs etc. We think you deserve to look prettier and we have overviewed fashion accessories available at one of the top ranked shopping portal in Pakistan. We have created a list of few items with 5-Star Rating under Rupees Rs. 500.

Top Rated Fashion Accessories for Girls Under Rs. 500

1: Viscose Shrug

This beautifully designed long shrug stitched in soft fabric is trendy these days in Pakistan. Its comfortable fabric in Maroon color brings it into the list of 5-star rated products under Rs. 500. There is a large variety of shrugs available in different designs, colors and sizes but what you can buy just in Rs. 399/- is Long Viscose Shrug.

Available only for Rs. 399/-

2: Daffodil Shrug

buy fashion accessories in PakistanAnother premium quality shrug prepared in polyster is Daffodil Shrug in Navy Blue color. This is perfect for most of the women because of its comfort as it is light weighted and available in amazingly lower price of Rs. 299.

Available only for Rs. 299/-

3: Hair Clip with Silver Stones

fashion accessories for girls in PakistanThis beautiful silver stoned hair clip is trendy these days and if you have not tried this one yet, you must wear it in your next party. It is easy to use hair clip with beautiful stones in silver color. You can buy it from Daraz in an amazingly lower price.

Available only for Rs. 500/-

4: Red Rose Hair Clip

fashion accessories for girls - hair clipHair clips are part of eastern fashion and girls prefer to wear something different on special occasion especially wedding events. This beautifully designed rose velvet clip is suitable for every formal occasion. The artificial rose looks natural and no one can go without noticing its beauty. You will be shocked to see its price tag which says just Rs. 140/-

Available only for Rs. 140/-

5: Arm Sleeves Gloves

fashion accessories for girls in PakistanWhen you want to look extra fashionable, the arm sleeves gloves give your beauty an extra touch. Arm sleeves have now become important part of girls fashion accessories because of its uniqueness and weather protection features. These high quality knitted gloves are available in free size with three different colors i.e. gray, copy and black.

Available only for Rs. 480/-

BONUS: Under Scarf Ruffle turban

Hijab is part of religious practice in our country and a vast fashion accessories for girls in Pakistanmajority of girls loves to wear it to look modest. If you want to look even more sophisticated, you can wear under scarf ruffle turban as well. An easy to adjust and perfect to look stretchable Raffle Turban is ideal for those who want to give even a prettier look to their faces. This Navy Blue Hijab Bonnet available at Daraz in just Rs. 750/-

Available only for Rs. 750/-

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