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How to Get Visitors to Your Blog in 2019?

How to Get Visitors to Your Blog in 2019?

The success of your blog heavily depends upon the size of your readership. That’s why every blogger tries to get utmost number of readers on his blog. Though, it is a tough task, it is quite possible to build a great readership base. Unfortunately, most of the bloggers fail to build a noticeable size of audience. However, I am going to share with you some quick ways to learn how to get visitors to your blog fast in 2019. Each subheading will give you a quick overview of the tip and details will make it easier how to implement it.

1. Quality Blogging Attracts Habitual Readers

Quality content is the most important rule that gives readers a strong reason to come back and read new blogs. So bear in mind that there could be no compromise over quality of content that you publish on your blog. If you really want to discover the secrets of how to get visitors to your blog, you must remember QUALITY comes first in every type of content. See what quality content can do for you:

  • It will bring you maximum visitors.
  • You will also receive returning visitors.
  • A strong loyal readership will be built.
  • Your blog will stay constantly on search results.
  • It will encourage users to share on social networks.
  • It will encourage readers to refer your blogs to others.
how to gain traffic on website

2. Frequent Publication Receives More Visitors

The experienced bloggers are pretty sure that the frequent updates on your blog would get you more visitors every day. Secondly, Google also prefers those blogs which are enriched with fresh blogs and in the result, page rank of your blog gets higher quickly. You should update the blog as frequently as possible or update it at least two times in a week. Following this rule will help you be sure how to increase website visitors even more rapidly. How to ensure frequent updates?

  • Write as much as you can every day
  • Hire other writers to write for you
  • Rewrite content from your old stock
  • Take latest news and write short blogs
  • Give your views on trending news
  • Additionally, answer questions on different topics

3. Attention Grabbing Titles Catch Reader Eyes

The first thing that a reader notices is the title of the post and if you have been able to craft a great title, you can get more visitors than your expectations. So always spend time on crafting clever headlines. After title, comes the overall content of your blog post. Make sure not to make users fool by driving them on your posts through false titles. Hence, you must always give them for what they come.

  • Post heading should be cleaver but Genuine
  • Heading should say it all about the post
  • Keep headline short but meaningful
  • Insert keyword in your heading Heading should incite readings to read more

4. Include Popular But Less Competitive Keywords

When it comes on how to gain traffic on website from search engines, there is a dire need to incorporate keywords in your posts.  In fact, these keywords will bring your blog into search results. However, using popular and highly competitive keywords would make it almost impossible for you to get higher rankings in searches. Therefore, it is always good to insert less popular keywords which might drive less but definite traffic to your site. So follow these rules:

  • Don’t choose highly competitive keywords
  • Choose keywords with low competitive but more searches
  • Include short and long tail keywords in your post
  • Use a series of keywords in different parts of the post
  • Choose a main keyword and use it in heading, first and second paragraphs
  • In addition, you should Include main keyword in Meta description of your post
  • Include keywords in Alt Text of post photos
how to get visitors to your blog?

5. Photos Have Lots of Attraction for Readers

If you post something without a photo, your blog post will seem like a colorless movie that people used to watch in old times. So you better include some relevant photos in your blogs. Additionally, there is a big advantage of using interesting photos i.e. you can put some keywords in alt text of your post photos. How to use photos?

  • Get royalty free images
  • Don’t use images subject to copyright
  • Use a featured image for your post
  • Choose more than one photo
  • Use relevant and attention grabbing photos
  • Include photos with information

6. Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog

Posting new blogs everyday is an amazing way to get more traffic. However, if you don’t use social media, you would be missing an amazingly powerful stream to get traffic. Not to mention if you are really desperate to learn how to drive traffic to your website, don’t forget to share it on social media with your fans and followers. How to use social networks?

  • Use every major social network like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc
  • Create numerous accounts in every platform to increase number of shares
  • Use your blog’s official account as well as your personal account to share posts
  • Ask your friends and family to share your posts on their profiles
  • Request others to share with their friends
  • Use paid services to increase reach of your blog posts

7. Encourage Visitors to Share Your Posts on Social Networks

Sometimes, you just need to encourage people to take an action. A lot of people don’t share your post only because it does not have a sharing button. So you must always include a social sharing button to help users share your new posts more frequently on social media. Furthermore, useful posts will get maximum number of shares and help you get even more visitors on your site.  How to increase shares?

  • Share different types of posts and see the results
  • Increase your fans and followers
  • Create a facebook page and promote it
  • In case of limited blog posts, create direct posts on social networks
  • Use viral news to create direct posts as this will increase number of followers
  • Keep sharing new social posts frequently
  • Increase number of social posts every week.
  • Also share other blogs and social posts on your blog profile
how to get readers for your blog

8. Include Links to Other Services, Products and Blogs

Don’t you like it? Well, Google loves outbound links and in this way, you provide real sources to your visitors. Therefore, when you mention something in your post, you better include its links as well. While you are learning how to increase blog traffic fast, you should mark popular mentions in your blog and bind them with proper links. How to choose others to link with your blog?

  • Something that is relevant to your blog niche but not exactly what you want to write about.
  • For example, if you write about “how to start a business online” you can mention relevant tools, services, plugins, etc.
  • You better not to mention other bloggers who are also talking about online marketing and are your direct competitors.
  • Make sure the links open in new window rather than closing your blog

9. Write for Other Blogs as a Guest Writer

Sometimes, you have to write free for other blogs and in the results you get a single link to your website. A quality link would not just get you traffic but will also get you better ranking in Google. After all, this is one of the most effective ways on how to get readers for your blog. Important things to consider for guest blogging:

  • Choose quality blogs with higher rankings in Google
  • Short list blogs that have enough visitors to respond to your guest post
  • Request blog owners to allow you to post your blog
  • Get topic idea from the blog owners
  • Write a high quality post so that it can get you real visitors Create a nice author bio if they allow you

10. Let Guest Bloggers Write for You

Likewise you are writing for others, you should let others to write for your blog as well. As a reward, let them get a quality back link from your blog to their blog. You can directly invite other bloggers to write for you or you can also add a section “Write for us” on your blog.  How to do it?

  • Do or ask your website developer to create a “write for us” section on your blog
  • Find new bloggers and invite them to write on your blog as guest blogger
  • Let them link back to their blog through your blog
  • Don’t spoil the theme of your blog by allowing irrelevant posts
  • Read and approve the post before it finally gets published on your blog.

11. Add interesting videos on your blog

In many ways, Google gives more favors to bloggers who like what Google likes most. For example, YouTube is the property of Google and thus, adding videos to your website through YouTube would always come in form of great results. So make some quality videos and add on your website. Hopefully, you have got some very good tips on how to get visitors to your blog through this article.

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