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Kim Kardashian Looks So Stunning in Low-Cut Black Dress at amFAR Gala

Kim Kardashian Looks So Stunning in Low-Cut Black Dress at amFAR Gala

Kim Kardashian looks so stunning in her low-cut black dress and you can’t resist staring at her. You know why? Because her popular body assets are on full display in that dress at the amFAR Gala. In fact, the participants couldn’t resist turning their heads to look her cleavage.

Kim wore a backless gown falling down to the floor length with V neck. While, appearing on grey carpet, she paired with another popular modal Kourtney Kardashian who happened to be her sister. Surprisingly, Kourtney was also dressed in black and was perfectly ready to challenge her sister-in-black.  

Though, Kim is popular because of her tight dresses, she broke all time record of her appearance in such events. Besides, being among other popular celebrities like Heidi Klum, Karolina Kurkova, Lily Aldridge and Alessandra Ambrosio, Kim in her low-cut black dress was the most highlighted public figure.

The amfAR Gala is actually an unofficial event to celebrate a week full of fashion in the city of lights New York. The event pays tribute to those who are contributing their shares in the battle against  HIV/AIDS. This event is organized every year by AAB Productions/Andy Boose and so far they have been able to raise approximately 19 million dollars.

Super Models and Fashion Queens

A large number of super models and fashion queens are participating in the amfAR Gala and of course, they are well prepared to startle the audience with their boldest outfits. Besides, the designers are also ready to display their best from the best collections.


The supermodel Heidi Klum also shines at the event studded with entertainment industry starts. She wore silver Paolo Sebastian and brightened the event with her glow, charm and magical smile.


Milla Jovovich was another attraction of the amfAR Gala night. With her red lips and a darling smile on her beautiful face, she appeared in a full-length gilded gown.

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