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Lauren Goodger Body Transformation Photos

Lauren Goodger Body Transformation Photos

Lauren Goodger Before and After

Lauren Goodger gave her first appearance on TV in the year 2010 and soon she became a reality queen. Those who watched her first TV show must remember her dramatic relationship with Mark Wright. She worked for many years in the industry and has left so many memorable events for the viewers. In fact, Lauren Goodger body transformation has always been a subject of discussion for her fans and followers.

Throughout all those years, viewers have watched her body goes through different transformation. Though, sometimes she puts on more weight and sometimes loses weight, she tries to look and feel fit. Besides, you might have also get shocked when learnt that she got a Brazilian Bum Job.

Let’s take a close look of Lauren Goodger body transformation over the years through her pictures taken on different times. Besides, you can also see her giving a pose while weaning a white coat on her simple skirt. These all are different shades of Lauren.

Lauren Goodger Body Transformation Photos

Every picture of her tells a different story about her as in some of her picture you will see her walking in white with a glamorous smile on her face while in other picture you see her taking her pic standing in front of a mirror.

Some of her picture tells a totally different story from her real life appearance. In the picture above in yellow bikini, she seems like a girl with lots of excessive body weight. If it it a scene of a TV show, that’s fine or else it does not suit her to look like this bulky.

In whatever shape, her crazy fans see her, they always find her queen of their heart but this time, something different has happened which has made many of her fans outburst. Most of her fans did not like her weight loss secret. Read More

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