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Lauren Goodger Weight Loss Diet Angers Her Instagram Fans

Lauren Goodger Weight Loss Diet Angers Her Instagram Fans

Lauren Goodger, a well-known TV personality, is facing lots of criticism from her fans as she told them the secret of her body transformation on Instagram.

Lauren Goodger posted two photos on her instagram account showing her body frame Before and After taking diet coffee. Furthermore, she highly admired the miraculous results from the lauren goodger weight loss diet. The diet greatly helped her toned and shaped her figures. Exposing her body assets, she was so excited and was thankful to SkinnyCoffeeClub for helping her.

Lauren Goodger Weight Loss Diet Angers Fans As She Told the Secret of Her Body Transformation

While posting her photos, she would be sure that her fans would praise her. However, the reaction of the fans was absolutely different from her expectations. In fact, many of them were quite furious on her so called weight loss diet. They even called her fake claimer as she told that she was able to lose excessive body weight only because of adding a certain diet supplement in her diet.

Many fans believed that she must have gone through surgeries to get such body transformation. Others believed that it was never possible to get slimmed just by drinking diet coffee. Someone wrote that she must stop giving wrong advice to her young female followers who are wondering how did lauren goodger lose weight. In fact, young girls are looking for lauren goodger weight loss diet on internet.

Lauren Goodger Beauty Secrets

Previously, she uploaded a video on Instagram in which she said that the skinnyCoffeeClub is helping her getting her body framed as she always wanted. Additionally, she said she has already started losing weight and soon be able to get a perfect body.

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This was not the first time when a celebrity had to face this kind of reaction from her fans for promoting different types of products products.

Kim Kardashian lollipop promotion

Last year Kim Kardashian was slammed for promotion of a lollipop. In fact, she was called so irresponsible for making promotional attempt to showcase a lollipop that said to act as an appetite-suppresssant. Consequently, she received abundance of negative comments and messages from her fans.

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