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PewDiePie Rewind 2018 Has Gained 7.4 Millions LIKES So Far

PewDiePie Rewind 2018 Has Gained 7.4 Millions LIKES So Far

PewDiePie YouTube Rewind 2018 Has Gained 7.4 Millions LIKES on Contrary to Original YouTube Rewind That Got 15 Million DISLIKES

Surprisingly, Original YouTube Rewind 2018 has become one of the MOST DISLIKED Video on YouTube. Awkwardly, it has got 15 million dislikes so far on contrary to 2.4 million likes. In youtube rewind response, Kjellberg, a popular YouTuber, has also made a Revised Rewind Video. If you haven,t watched original, better check it first before watching Pewdiepie Rewind 2018,

So Far Original YouTube Rewind 2018 Has Got 2.4 Million LIKES and 15 Million DISLIKES

PewDiePie’s YouTube Rewind 2018

YouTube User Community thinks YouTube Spotlight has failed to throw light on some of the most popular memes and trends happened on YouTube during 2018. In the result, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg has made his own rewind PewDiePie Rewind 2018. Check this out:

In this video, he has featured many of those who could not take place in original video or were ignored by the Spotlight. Surprisingly, user community response is overwhelming which can be seen through the number of likes to PewDiePie Rewind 2018 just in few days. Undoubtedly, 7.3 millions likes is a big victory for PewDiePie.

Up to This Date PewDiePie’s Video Has Got 7.4 Million Likes and 70 Thousands Dislikes

YouTube Audience Response

The response of YouTube audience is quite strange. They have given much favor to an individual against the network itself. Most of the YouTubers don’t like the video because it does not feature a lot of other YouTubers who deserved to be part of the video. Watch audience response on Pewdiepie Rewind 2018:

Watch Jasmine and Dwayne Response

Watch Fangs Says Response

Watch Pokimane Pewdiepie Response

After watching audience response on Pewdiepie Rewind 2018, there should not be any doubt that the original rewind could not satisfy youtube audience. Many popular youtubers and pokimane responds to pewdiepie and it shows that people are really taking it seriously.

Though, the year 2018 has just gone, it has left some good as well as bad memories behind. Hopefully, YouTube Spotlight would spend much more time at the end of year 2019 for making YouTube Rewind 2019 a more satisfying video for most of the YouTube users. Good Luck YouTube Spotlight! I also hope Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg would not have to make pewdiepie rewind 2019.

Youtube Rewind Playlist from 2010-2017

If you have just watched youtube rewind 2018, you might also like to watch Youtube Rewind Playlist from 2010-2017.

Watch YouTube Rewind 2017

YouTube Rewind 2017 was named as Shape of 2017 and it has got 219,905,392 views upto 14th January 2019. Additionally, it has got 4.1 million likes and 2.1 million dislikes. Hence, it got almost double likes than dislikes.

Watch YouTube Rewind 2016

YouTube Rewind 2016 was named the Ultimate 2016 Challenge and it has got 229,522,266 views views upto 14th January 2019. Additionally, it has got 3.6 million likes and 545K dislikes.

Watch YouTube Rewind 2015

YouTube Rewind 2015 was called Now Watch Me 2015. So far it has received 146,339,363 views. Despite the low number of views, it was able to receive 2.7 M Likes on contrary to 198 K Dislikes.

Watch YouTube Rewind 2014

YouTube Rewind 2014 came as Turn Down for 2014. The number of views for this video are 129,957,319. Unfortunately, the number of likes for this video decreased to 1.5 Million while it also got 76 Thousands Dislikes.

Watch YouTube Rewind 2013

What does 2013 Say? Well, that’s the title for youtube rewind 2013. Around 1.4 million users decided to give it a Like and 77 Thousands thought it deserved to get a dislike.

Watch YouTube Rewind 2012

It was the third video in youtube rewind playlist and it came with the title Rewind YouTube Style 2012. Because of its some unique features, the video was able to win the heart of around 1.3 Million youtube users but failed to satisfy 82 thousand other users.

Watch YouTube Rewind 2011

This video came with a simple title YouTube Rewind 2011. Surprisingly, it received a balanced of audience i.e 89K likes and 85K dislikes. So it is hard to say it could come as one of the popular videos into youtube rewind playlist.

Watch YouTube Rewind 2010

Finally comes YouTube Rewind 2010 – Year in Review.  It was the first video in Youtube Rewind Playlist and it appeared when YouTube Spotlight decided to create a video that covers the highlights of an entire year.

Every video that was included in YouTube Rewind Playlist from 2010-2018 has something good and something bad as well. However, if we talk about the LIKES 2017 Rewind would be the best video so far with 4.1 Million Likes. On contrary, 2018 rewind could be the worst video so far with 15 Million Dislikes.

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