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Top 10 Online Business Ideas for 2019

Top 10 Online Business Ideas for 2019

If you ask people around you how happy they are with their income, most of them would reply “it is hard to make both ends meet”. This is because the necessities of life are much more than the income of an average person. We are not talking about luxuries of life but necessities of life i.e. house, food, clothing and education. All of us wish and strive to provide our families with best of life and part of the same effort I am going to share with the readers “top 10 online business ideas for 2019”. I have shortlisted some of the most practical ideas which everyone can start without a degree.

1: Lunch Delivery to Offices

Seems strange? Yes it is but it can be one of the highly profitable and successful online businesses if taken seriously. If you or one of your family members is an expert cook, you can think of starting “lunch delivery services” at reasonable prices. There must be some commercial areas in your city where offices can be offered homemade lunch boxes. Keep quality at the highest priority and customers would love to pay for homemade foods. Most of the restaurants in our country are lacking cleaning standard and this is where people would be more than happy to buy lunch boxes prepared at home.

2: Baked and Decorated Cakes

People in every part of the world like to cut cake on different occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, parties, farewells etc and if you or someone else in your family can bake and decorate cake, this could be a perfect business idea for you. Since, it is an art to bake and decorate a cake, not many people would be part of the competition. So the ground is empty for you to deploy your own sales players all across your city. Though, it is always good to do what you are expert in, you can still think of hiring a baking expert just in case you can’t do it.

3: Online Gift Shop

One of the simplest online business ideas for beginners can be nothing else than an online gift shop. Choose an attractive name for your business, create a facebook page and search Google for gift items you would like to sell to your customers. Publish gift ideas and images on your page and promote it, since you are starting your business in 2019, you can search for unique ideas that can attract and engage more customers. You can also work in HandMade gifts items which can generate you more revenue than the ones you buy from market. Anyways, promote your page, receive orders, buy relevant gifts, pack in your customized box and deliver personally or through courier service to your customers.

4: Deliver Fresh Food Items

If you are also tired of unhealthy dairy products and vegetables, why not start your own business and provide healthy and fresh products to your customers as well as your family. Fresh dairy products like milk, yogurt, butter and eggs are part of everyday diet in almost every family and it should not be very hard to attract more customers with quality products. Secondly, you can also deliver fresh vegetables on customers’ demands. This idea requires lots of time, efforts and investments but what will make you different than others is your online presence. Yes, get your customers connected with your business online and make them 100% satisfied with your quick response.

5: Buy & Sell Used Smartphone

Internet business opportunities are unlimited and one of them is selling of Smartphone. If you have good knowledge of popular Smartphone brands, you can buy old phones and resell to others. WhatMobile would also give you a good idea about different brands, prices and features of phones. Invest some money in buying cheaper phones with good resale reputation and try to sell them in facebook groups as well as OLX or any other popular websites in your country. Make sure to deal in sets which have necessary documents to prove real ownership of the seller to avoid any problems later.

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Everyone can start these online business ideas for 2019

6: Countrywide Travel Guide

This could be one of the most unique online business ideas especially for those who love travelling and have personal contacts in popular tourist destinations within the country. If you have visited major places in your countries, you can work as a travel guide for groups to plan and arrange holidays that remain unforgettable forever. If you have good idea about transportation expenses, hotel rents, foods and other necessities, countrywide travel guide can become a thriving business idea for you.

7: Event Planner/Organizer

Event planning may include weddings, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events etc. If you are someone who keeps himself in front row during parties in family, friends and workplace, you can become a good event planner. This job requires so much sophistication, dedication and sense of responsibility because nobody would like to spoil a happy day because of bad planning. So think twice and take it as one of the most challenging online business ideas for 2019. Get experienced, create an impressive portfolio and start as a professional planner.

8: Sell T-Shirts Online

In our country T-shirts are sold like hot cakes and there are three major reasons for more sales. 1. They are casual and people from every age group like to wear it; 2) they are not very expensive and everyone can afford it; 3) we live in a country which experience hot weather almost 11 months of the year and thus most of the people like to wear T-shirts instead of full shirts. You can buy some less expensive shirts and sell them at reasonable prices through facebook pages and groups.

9: Online Tutoring

If you are wondering how to start online business with no money, you would love this idea because this involves zero investment as you simply need to promote yourself as an expert teacher (Off course, you should be an expert in one or more subjects). Join subject related Facebook groups and take part in discussion. Create your own facebook pages and groups and post solutions to the problems related to the subject. Soon you will be able to create your unique identity and students will start knowing you. Offer online tutoring services to interested candidates.

10: Article Writer

One of the popular online business ideas without investment is article writing. If you have interested in writing, you can become an article writer in 2019. There is a huge number of websites and blog owners who are looking for article writers to keep their websites and blogs fresh with fresh content and your expertise in writing can get you a huge reward. There are various popular freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and others where you can easily earn up to 10 dollars per article.

Final Words

The New Year 2019 is already at our doors and it is a chance for all of us to learn from our mistakes in 2018 and promise ourselves not to commit the same mistakes in New Year. I have given my list of shortlisted online business ideas for 2019 and if you find one or more of them fit best in your case, do let us know your feedback through your comment in the box below.

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