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Why & How to Become a Freelancer and Earn Safely from Home?

These days many people are asking how to become a freelancer. Do you know why? Because all across the world, people are switching from regular 8-12 hour jobs to freelancing business. They are not fool to quit their jobs, are they? For sure, there must be some magnetic benefits for them like money and comfort. Luckily, freelancing provides equal opportunities to the students especially those who either want to bear their educational expenses, support families or start their own small business. Do you want to know why and how to become a freelancer with no experience? If yes, continue reading.

Who Can Become a Freelancer?

    Students, Teachers, Writers, Editors, Proofreaders, Social Media & SEO Specialists, Video Editors, Excel experts, Accounts, Finance and Management Consultants, Translators, IT Specialists, Engineers, Designers, Developers and others.

Why to Become a Freelancer Instead of a Fulltime Employee?

If you have some special skills like writing, editing, proofreading, typing, designing, development etc, you can start your own freelancing business right from your home and amazingly it does not require you to invest a lot of money or time. However, before you start, you must learn how to become a freelancer online. Here are some of the biggest reasons to prefer freelancing over a regular job:

    1. Flexible Working Hours

    It allows you to adopt flexible and productive working hours during which you can perform even better.

    2. Stress Free Working Environment

    Because you don’t have to answer a terrible boss every hour, you can create a stress free and productive working environment for you.

    3. Life You Always Dream of

    You can live a life you have always dreamed of i.e. more money, more luxury, more comfort and more time for family.

    4. Extra Source of Income

    You can take freelancing as an extra source of income along with your fulltime job. It will help you deal with day-to-day expenses or you can use it as future savings. It should give you a good reason for why and how to become a freelancer.

    5. Quick to Start Business

    If you are skilled in a certain niche, you can start immediately without waiting for someone to grant you a job. There are some best freelance websites where you can immediately start working.

Various Studies and Surveys Have Shown that the New Generation is More Willing to Setup Their Own Small Businesses Instead of Working for Other Businesses

Why Small Businesses Prefer Hiring Freelancers Than Fulltime Employees?

A lot of small businesses now prefer to avail services of freelancers instead of regular staff for performing various activities. For example, a restaurant management would like to hire a freelance social media specialist rather than a fulltime employee to create their online presence. In this way, they can get various advantages:

    1. Hunt for Real Professional

    They can find one of the top professionals to perform certain activities in the best possible manner. It saves them from the frustration of being cheated by so called professionals

    2. Hiring Within Budget

    They can hire someone within their own budget rather than fulfilling the demand of others. This will allow them to reduce load from your budget

    3. Saving on Salaries

    They can save a lot of money which otherwise they have to spend in form of salaries, wages, bonuses etc.

    4. Saving on Work Space

    They save in form of space, rent and utility bills.When you have someone for regular basis, you will have to bear the cost even if he has nothing to do during off season

    5. Agreed Time for Project Completion

    They can get the work completed within the agreed period of time.

Freelance Business Creates a Win-Win Situation for Both Businesses As Well As Skilled Persons

What Kind of Jobs You Can Do As a Freelancer?

Before you learn how to become a freelancer, you might like to know what type of jobs you can do as a freelancer. Well, almost every kind of jobs can be done through freelancing. Some of the most popular categories are as follow:

    1. Freelance Writing

    It might include academic writing, creative writing, article writing, business writing, technical writing, web content writing etc.

    2. Freelance Translation

    If you can translate from English, French, Spanish, Arabic etc to other languages, you can become a freelance translator.

    3. Freelance Marketing

    It may include but not limited to advertisement, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), Telemarketing etc.

    4. Business and Finance

    It may include accounting assistance, business planning, bookkeeping, spreadsheet making, finance report analysis and many other projects.

    5. Administrative support

    It may include data entry, technical support, research analysis, chat support, email handling and others.

    6. Designing, development and programming

    It may include photo editing, video editing, logo designing, graphic designing etc. Of course, these three categories have a huge variety of tasks that can be performed by freelancers.

Where to Find Freelancing Projects?

Like every new explorer of freelancing, you must be wondering where to find the projects available for freelancers. Opportunely, there are various places where you can easily find freelancing projects including top freelance websites:

    1. Local Network

    If you have built your reputation as a freelancer among those who you personally know like college friends, old school friends, friends of friends, relatives etc, it would be much easier for you to receive projects locally.

    2. Social Networks

    if you have joined major social networks like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc, you would soon be able to receive projects. Though, it will take time because here you will have to build your strong reputation as a freelancer in your field.

    3. Support Platforms

    There are various support platforms where people post questions for solutions of their problems. If you could make yourself available to answer their queries using your expertise, you could get projects.

    4: Best Freelancing Sites

    There are some amazing freelancing sites where you can find tons of projects in your own category. Some of the biggest sites are as follow:
  • Upwork
  • You can find almost every type of project as per your skills on Upwork. Since, it is the largest platform for freelancers, you should expect greater competition. It is, therefore, good to know how to become a freelancer on upwork before you actually start.

  • Freelancer
  • If you are confident about your skills and expertise, Freelancer could be another best platform to start. It has more than 3 millions professionals and of course, it still welcomes new professionals.

  • 99Designs
  • Those with designing skills, find 99Desgins a grand platform to challenge their own skills. Since it is specific to designing, people with designing projects find it a more trusted source for hiring freelance designers.

  • Peopleperhour
  • Small businesses usually prefer to find workers at Peopleperhour because of attractive offers including fixed prices. If you are interested in working on fixed price, you would find it an ideal place to start.

How to Become a Successful Freelancer?

Everybody can become a freelancer but not everyone can touch success. So it is highly significant to move into the right direction to become a successful freelancer. Here are some useful guidelines for those with little or no experience at all.

1. Set Your Goal

Before you start, you should be very clear about your goal as what you would actually be trying to achieve. Being clear about your goal would enable you to figure out how to become a good freelancer: Your goals may be one of the following:

  • Temporary Source of Income
  • Are you just trying to create a temporary source of income to make some money until or unless you finish your education?

  • Extra Source of Income
  • Are you striving to earn some extra money so you can continue bear day-to-day petty expenses like travelling, foods, fuel etc?

  • Saving for Future
  • Have you got a plan to save money for your future, for example, shifting new house, education of your children etc?

  • Plan to Quit Current Job
  • Are you tired of your regular job and trying to setup your own freelancing business so you could quit your current job?

You might fit into one of the above (or other) situations and set your goal accordingly.

2. Create Social Profiles

To become a freelancer, you must have at least one skill to offer to your clients on local/social networks or top freelancing sites. There are various effective social networks which will help you find your prospective clients such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • Undoubtedly LinkedIn is the most important network for professionals and you would surely like to create your profile here.

  • Facebook
  • This network will help you reach maximum number of people because of its immense user network and therefore, you must have a profile here too.

  • Twitter
  • Don’t ignore twitter because it can bring a huge traffic on your other profiles and personal website if you have one.

  • Personal Website:
  • A personal website is basically your digital profile where people can learn everything about you.

When you create your profiles on different networks, make sure to include true and complete information about you, your experience, your education and your skills.

3: Set Reasonable Prices for Your Services

When you start promoting yourself as a freelancer on social networks, personal website, freelancing sites etc, everywhere potential customers would consider various factors before assigning you a project. These factors may include:

  • Level of Skills
  • Working Experience
  • Successful Projects
  • Previous Clients’ Feedback
  • Service Charges

Therefore, it is extremely important to set a reasonable price for your services. When you choose a network, visit profiles of other freelancers in your particular niche and see what prices they have set. This will help you decide your worth as a new freelancer. Remember Setting up reasonable prices would increase chances of winning projects successfully. Hopefully, you are relatively clear about how to become a freelancer. If you have any question, let us know through comment, message or email.

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